[PODCAST] 79: The Relationship Between Stress, Depression and Clutter

The relationship between depression and clutter can be extremely close. Professional Organizer Julie Ulmer tells us why these two can be linked and how to help overcome the relationship.

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01:18 The relationship between clutter and depression

02:11 What comes first – clutter or depression?

03:40 How Julie deals with a client with depression

04:31 Questions Julie asks clients to start off on the right foot

06:35 What people can do to get over the “overwhelm” hump

08:38 Creative Visualization and how it can motivate you

10:55 Seasonal Affective Disorder and how it relates to stress

12:40 Are people’s homes and offices more cluttered in the winter?

14:10 How spring can help with depression

15:30 How your physical shape affects your organization

16:48 How to maintain a well-organized and decluttered home

18:08 Applying the department store mentality to your home

Julie's Website: MindingYourManor.com