[PODCAST] 78: The Five R's of Eco-Friendly Organizing

The three R's for recycling has now turned into five! Certified Professional Organizer Tammy Schotzko tells us what the other two R's are and how we can be more eco-friendly when organizing.

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01:31 The 5 R’s of Eco-Friendly Organizing

01:55 The first R: Refuse – the option to say “no thank you”

02:45 Tactics for refusing

03:31 The second R: Reduce – reducing the incoming junk

03:55 An app for getting rid of junk mail – paperkarma.com

04:35 How reducing relates to decluttering

05:50 The most unique thing Tammy’s seen recycled

06:25 The surge in second-hand stores

07:15 Tammy’s rules for recycling shoes

08:10 The third R: Reuse – reusing existing items

08:48 Thinking outside of the box when reusing items

10:23 A way to let go of children’s artwork

12:45 The fourth R: Repurpose

13:05 How repurpose and reuse are the same

14:10 How Tammy gets inspired to repurpose items

14:53 The fifth R: Recycle

17:11 How you can be more eco-friendly

Tammy's Website: WeLoveMesses.com