[PODCAST]77: Balancing Your Life and Your Blog

Have you wanted to start a blog but don't know where to begin and how to make it work into your life? Professional Organizer and blogger Laura Wittmann tells you how.

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01:50 How blogging has changed in nine years

02:50 Laura’s story and what motivated her to start blogging

04:35 How Laura learned to blog

05:45 “Is anybody looking at this thing?” - How to get past the initial stage of a blog

07:10 Secrets on how Laura balances her time between family and work

08:20 How much time is spent on writing, pictures, etc.?

11:10 How well Laura knows her audience

12:34 How far in advance does Laura write and post?

14:30 The most popular post in the last nine years

15:00 Some patterns Laura follows throughout the year

15:40 How to avoid some of the stresses that come with blogging

16:20 Does Laura follow an editorial calendar?

17:10 What’s next for Laura and the blog

19:15 Laura’s book and the OrgJunkie App

19:55 The biggest challenge Laura faces

21:35 Advice for the beginner blogger

Laura's Website: OrgJunkie.com