[PODCAST] 76: The Secret to Rightsizing

Planning a move? Regina Leeds gives tips on how to keep your move stress-free and how to save money in the process.

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01:10 The right way to make a move and how to avoid stress

01:48 Why it’s important to take care of yourself and how it ties to moving

05:03 Creative ways to offload things you aren’t going to need anymore

05:45 The eight week step to preparing for a move

06:05 Creating a budget

07:18 What kind of move can I afford and how to save money when moving

09:00 Know the moving route and getting the small things set

11:27 Why Regina is known as the “Zen Organizer”

12:22 Regina shares client stories on the difficulty of letting go of things

15:35 Tips for getting ready to complete the move

17:17 Giving yourself assignments

17:45 Regina’s Book – Rightsize…Right Now!

Regina's Website: ReginaLeeds.com