[PODCAST] 75: The "Five S" Organizing System

Keep your organizing simple by following the "Five S's" in basic organizing. Professional Organizer Veronica Bishop tells you how.

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01:18 The back story of the "Five S" System

02:24 The steps to "Five S"

02:55 The first "S": Sort

03:45 How to determine your categories

06:55 Sort Remorse and how to avoid it

07:50 The second "S": Set and Order

09:42 Prime real estate in the office

10:20 Veronica’s philosophy on desktop organizing

11:34 The Action File

14:53 The third "S": Shine

16:07 The fourth "S": Standardize

18:16 Keeping record of your steps

19:52 The fifth "S": Sustain

20:33 The hardest part of the "Five S" System

Veronica's Website: OrganizersNW.com