[PODCAST] 74: Six Steps to Organizing Any Project

Getting and staying organized is tough. Professional Organizer Lori Krolik shares the six steps to organizing any project and tips to stay organized.

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01:41 Step number one: Design Your Plan

02:36 Identifying the purpose of the room

03:10 How Lori addresses the steps with clients

04:25 How to get clients to narrow in on a goal

05:30 Step number two: Identifying Your Obstacles

06:35 The obstacle of time

07:30 Overcoming the obstacles once you’ve determined them

08:45 Getting everyone on board with the new system

9:48 Step number three: Committing Your Resources

13:32 Step number four: Sorting and Purging

13:58 Separating your items and what to do with them

14:35 Getting your ‘like’ items together and what questions to ask yourself

15:15 The criteria for if you love an item or not

16:23 Step number five: Where Are Things Going to Live?

17:25 Measuring for containers

18:30 Unique container ideas

19:50 Step number six: Maintaining the System

21:30 How often to go back and revisit your system

Lori's Website: MoreTimeForYou.net