Viewables® Color Labeling System

Viewables® Quick-Fold Tabs & Labels

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"Very easy to read. A big improvement on conventional tabs"

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Description Smead Viewables® Quick-Fold Hanging Folder Tabs and Labels for Inkjet and Laser Printers 64912, pack of 45
Smead Heavy-duty Quick-Fold Tabs help you create an organized, long-lasting system to manage your important files and are quick and easy to set up.

No more typing or handwriting tiny inserts for your hanging folder tabs. Simply design and print customized color-coded labels using our FREE label creation tool then affix the labels to our Quick-Fold Viewables Poly Tabs for files that are readable from the front, top and back.

Use your computer and printer to generate unique, wrap-around color-coded labels that work with all standard hanging folders. Create one label or many without wasting valuable label stock.

When used on folders with tabs in the same position, a continuous line of color is created for faster filing and retrieval. Color breaks your system into smaller sections and allows misfiled folders to stand out.

Labeling System for Hanging Folders

Item No. 64912 Quick-Fold Tabs & Labels (45 Pack) includes the following:
45 Quick-Fold Poly Tabs
48 Multipurpose Labels (3 sheets of Labels)

Item No. 64915 Multipurpose Labels (160 pack) includes the following:
160 Multipurpose Labels (10 Sheets of Labels)
Dimensions: 3-1/2" W x 1-1/4" H, before folding
Color: White
Qty Per Pack: 1
Qty Per Carton: 24
Made In: Made in the USA Made in the USA
Usage: Desktop Filing, Drawer Filing, On The Go
Item No: 64912