[PODCAST] 72: The Reality of A Magazine-Like Space

Everyone wants that perfect "magazine-like" space in their house. In this episode of Keeping You Organized, Certified Professional Organizer Amy Tokos tell us why that ideal image is not something you should attempt to achieve.

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01:13 The reality of magazine shots

04:30 Why you shouldn’t try to maintain perfection

05:00 The “look” vs. what people are really trying to achieve

06:31 The steps Amy takes clients through to organize their closet

08:55 Color coding your clothes and is it worth it?

10:45 Tricks to maximize the space in a small area

13:53 The reality of a magazine kitchen

14:40 Tips for keeping the kitchen clean and tidy

15:22 The reality of actually living in your space vs. a staged space

17:40 How a checklist can be beneficial

18:48 Kitchen hacks to keeping things organized

Amy's Website:FreshlyOrganized.com