[PODCAST] 71: Organizer411 Hangout Highlights with Deb, Debbie & Clare

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, we feature highlights from our second Organizer411 Live Q&A event with Professional Organizers Deb Lee, Debbie Rosemont and Clare Kumar.

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01:37 Short introductions from the organizer panel

03:31 Where to start when you are overwhelmed

05:14 Breaking organizing goals into small steps

07:10 Common places to donate when you are purging items

08:31 Things to consider when putting together a filing system.

11:00 How Debbie sets up a filing system

13:50 What to do with things that don’t have a set “home”

14:40 Organizing tips for the “visual organizer”

17:10 Solving the “out of sight, out of mind” fear

19:05 How to help people who want to go paperless

20:30 How to organize both paper and digital files as one

21:40 Taking advantage of digital tagging

23:03 How to get a hold of the organizers

Deb's Website:  www.SOHOTechTraining.com

Debbie's Website:  www.ItsSimplyPlaced.com

Clare's Website:  www.StreamLife.ca