[PODCAST] 69: How to Get Rid of Stuff

Getting rid of your stuff can be physically and emotionally difficult. Professional Organizer Seana Turner tells us how to overcome both the physical and emotional attachment to clearing the clutter.

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01:30 The struggle to let go of stuff and plan to move forward

02:13 Reasons people can’t let go

02:50 A common issue Seana see’s with clients

04:20 The sentimental reasons for keeping items and how to let them go 

06:00 The ABC’s of dealing with photos: what to keep and what to toss

08:48 The fear people struggle with

12:05 What is the hurdle? Figuring out the underlying issue

12:30 Seana shares a simple solution to a big client problem

15:25 Seana’s suggestions for downsizing a wardrobe

17:20 Focusing your wardrobe on “today” vs. “someday”

19:26 “Clutter centers” in the house and how to handle them

20:23 How to maintain a clutter-free mentality

Read Seana's article Tough to Toss: Conquering the Hurdles of Clearing Clutter.

Seana's Website: www.TheSeanaMethod.com