[PODCAST] 68: Managing Mail for Hectic Households

Handling the overload of mail that comes into the house -- Certified Professional Organizer Shannon McGinnis discuses what to do with it all!

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02:00 Processing the mail as it comes in the house

03:05 The criteria for shredding documents

04:35 What to do after you process the mail

05:27 What to do with the “keep” items 

06:25 Keep or toss? What to do with auto-pay bills?

07:05 What to scan and what to throw away

08:30 The protocol for scanning

09:55 The scanning system Shannon recommends

11:00 Storing scanned items to the cloud

12:45 The next step after the mail is sorting

13:16 What Shannon recommends for storing mail

15:16 The timeframe for emptying or checking the mail storage system

17:10 How to handle reminders

18:50 Handling memorabilia that comes in from backpacks

Shannon's Website: www.Organized4Success.com