[PODCAST] 67: Small Changes that Can Make A Big Difference in Your Organizing

Certified Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont discusses small changes that can make a big difference in your organizing.

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01:30 A common organizing mistake

02:10 The concept of starting small

03:10 “Organizing” as part of your day

03:25 How to implement the "starting small" idea? 

04:35 Debbie reveals how she stays organized

05:20 Debbie’s “10 Minute Toss Tuesday

06:23 Little things that bring big success

07:07 How to find the right accountability partner

08:54 Taking the first step on a project

09:33 Debbie shares a personal “first step” example

11:45 Does using timers work?

12:45 The "start with the end in mind" concept

13:40 How to leverage the use of “paper”

14:46 The overwhelm of email and how to manage it

18:01 The real definition of Clutter

19:30 How often you should be checking email

20:31 Debbie’s best tip on making a small change

Debbie's Website: www.ItsSimplyPlaced.com