[PODCAST] 66: Five Tips that Make Your Resolutions Stick

Professional Organizer Ramona Creel discusses the five tips that make your resolutions stick.

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01:24 Advice on how to make your resolutions stick

01:50 Making your resolutions a lifestyle change

03:58 How to break down a filing system into three or four parts 

04:55 What you DO want vs. what you DON’T want

06:38 Telling yourself “why” and keeping an eye on the prize

07:10 How Ramona feels about inspirational pictures

08:25 Ramona’s goals for 2015

09:58 Don’t go at a resolution alone

11:34 How often check-in’s with accountability partners should happen

12:32 Don’t change everything at once

14:00 Setbacks happen, but have a plan in place

15:00 General recommendations for people in the new year

Ramona's Website:  www.RamonaCreel