[PODCAST] 65: Organizing Your End-of-Life Documents

Certified Professional Organizer Kim Oser discusses getting your end-of-life documents organized.

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01:50 What are some of the important end-of-life papers

04:05 Some ways to set up papers so they are easy to find

04:45 Letting people know where your papers are stored

07:00 Are these documents becoming digital? 

08:25 Why it’s important to share your information with family members

12:42 Who you should tell where your important documents are

14:13 Things you should do right away to start administering an estate

16:45 Should you meet with a third party person when dealing with estate documents?

18:25 Any services to help with estate planning?

20:25 What services she offers

22:50 One tip to get organized today

Checklist mentioned in show:  Planning Checklist

Kim's Website:  www.NeedAnotherYou.com