[PODCAST] 64: Get Your Desktop Organized

Certified Professional Organizer Ellen Delap tells you how to get your desktop organized.

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01:50 A clean desk and the gateway to being more productive

02:15 Where to start when cleaning your desk

02:45 What a command center looks like

03:40 How to deal with being too “over-visual” 

05:06 The next step after creating a command center

06:06 Making a system for not missing an urgent project

06:51 How a calendar works into your desk organization

07:45 A step-by-step process for staying organized

09:10 How to attack big tasks vs. small tasks

11:15 What GO Month means

12:55 Other tricks to keep desks organized

13:57 The myth of “a messy desk is the sign of a creative person”

14:30 Things that can make a difference in your productivity

15:36 Ellen’s view on stand up desks and different seating options

16:05 The biggest desk faux pas

17:20 How to add personality to your desk

18:00 Ellen’s view of white boards

18:51 The orientation of your office and what you should and shouldn’t do

19:48 Ellen’s company and how to get a hold of her

Ellen's Website:  www.Professional-Organizer.com