[PODCAST] 61: Staying Organized While Working On the Go

Certified Professional Organizer Helene Segura discusses staying organized while working on the go.

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01:58 Pros and cons of working remotely

03:22 Putting organizational skills in place when on the go

03:56 How to work with a calendar when you are on the road

05:15 Putting priorities onto a calendar

07:10 How often to review the calendar

08:25 Preparing for working on the road

09:45 Tools and tips for working on the road

10:40 Consolidating calendars: Helene shares a client story

13:50 The essentials for the on the go worker

15:26 How to set up a filing system for people on the road

16:50 Incidentals for on the road

17:45 Productivity tools that help advance mobile workers

18:30 Questions that Helene asks first time mobile clients

19:45 Are virtual assistants becoming more popular?

20:53 Helene’s favorite task management apps

23:05 How to get a hold of Helene

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Helene's Website:  www.TheInefficiencyAssassin