[PODCAST] 60: The Secret to Productivity During the Holidays

Certified Professional Organizer Tamara Myles shares the secret to productivity during the holidays.

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02:17 How we stay productive during the holiday season

03:10 The secret to peak productivity

03:45 Choice management

04:10 Tips and techniques to making the right choices 

04:55 The first step to getting organized

06:10 Time Management: Plan, Prioritize and Perform

07:15 Keeping your to-do list all in one place

08:07 Breaking your to-do list down into small bits

10:07 How to balance multiple activities into a calendar

12:55 The next step after time management

13:28 Activity goal alignment

14:15 S.M.A.R.T. goals

18:05 The last level on the Peak Productivity Pyramid: Possibility

Resources Mentioned in the show:

Tamara's Website:  TMylesConsulting

Tamara's Book:  The Secret to Peak Productivity