Getting Kids to Help with Chores

Professional Organizer Amy Carstensen discusses getting kids to help with chores around the house.

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01:57 Where to start with getting kids involved in chores

03:00 How to get kids excited about cleaning

04:50 Do checklists for kids and families work?

06:31 How to get kids to “do it right” 

07:15 Allowance or no allowance for doing chores?

09:00 How Amy helps clients implement new systems

11:15 What age is best to get kids started in chores

12:40 Specific things to keep kids organized in their own rooms

13:58 Good ways to get small toys organized

15:50 Small space organization ideas

17:20 Managing whose job is what

18:45 The best way to get an older child engaged in cleaning

20:43 Organizing kids' school work

Amy Carstensen is a Professional Organizer and founder of Organizing with Amy in San Diego, California. She works with accomplished professionals, busy families and retirees to instill long-lasting organization in homes or offices.

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