[PODCAST] 58: A Healthy Approach to Organizing

Professional Organizer Liz Byrne discusses a healthy approach to organizing.

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01:30 Liz’s approach on organizing

02:10 Feeling better before getting organized

03:02 How Liz identifies an unhealthy person

04:25 How Liz discusses healthy organization with clients

05:50 When to move on to the organizing work

07:50 How Liz assesses clients when first meeting them

09:39 What Liz asks in each room of a clients home

10:33 The diagnostic-able scale of hoarding

14:15 How organizers try to keep clients on track

1610 The success rate of keeping clients organized

17:15 How often Liz follows up with clients

17:54 Healthy tips for a do-it-yourself organizing project

Read Liz's article on The Healthy Habit of Being Organized.

Liz's website: www.AlchemyOfOrder.com