[PODCAST] 57: Tips for Organizing Kids and Family

Professional Organizer Jamie Martin talks about tips for organizing your kids and family.

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01:35 How do we get control of the toys?

02:26 Gift ideas for kids that minimize the mess

03:00 Rules on electronic toys

03:45 How to train kids to pick up after themselves

04:25 Creative storage ideas

06:15 The "one-in, one-out rule"

06:55 The “best friends”, “pals” and “strangers” method

07:30 The top things that make kids disorganized

08:20 Jamie’s thoughts on the reward system

09:20 Getting kids involved at a young age

11:55 How do you get different family members involved in keeping central rooms clean?

12:45 Jamie’s rules for keeping clutter out of the kitchen

13:45 How parents can manage clutter in the kitchen

15:10 Tips for organizing and keeping an entryway clean

16:30 Tips for getting and keeping the family room organized

17:15 How parents can learn to say no to certain things and spending more time with their kids

18:45 How to get a hold of Jamie

Jamie is the Founder and owner of Destination Organization. You can learn more about her at www.DestOrg.com