Add Space to Your Life

Certified Professional Organizer Kathi Burns tells you how to add space to your life.

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01:15 What “Adding Space to Your Life” means

02:00 What a client is dealing with when they need more space

02:45 The first step to get going in the right direction

04:55 How to get out of overwhelm

06:10 Elements of the time management system

07:20 The top time suckers

08:10 Are we going paperless?

09:45 What Kathi uses to organize

12:40 How to get people to let go of the physical stuff

13:34 The most unique thing Kathi had to help a client get rid of

14:40 Zone by zone organizing

15:15 Unused space and how to use it efficiently

16:55 How Kathi keeps clients accountable

18:00 Kathi’s background and how she got into Professional Organizing

19:12 Having someone hold you accountable

Kathi coaches business owners on time management, paper flow, bookkeeping and wardrobe. In addition to working with business owners, Kathi works with individuals in their home environment to clear clutter, maximize their space, and manage their time with organizational systems. She helps clients create an image that matches their full potential through wardrobe design, instruction and personal shopping. Learn more about Kathi at