[PODCAST] 54: The Four Organizing Personality Types

Certified Professional Organizer Deb Cabral discusses the Four Organizing Personality Types

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01:55 The Four Personalities

02:38 “Tidy Trish” and the situational clutter

03:26 The road blocks Tidy Trish faces

03:55 Some good ideas and products for Tidy Trish

05:05 Why it’s not about perfectionism

05:30 Deb shares a “Tidy Trish” client story

07:43 The “Social Sally” personality and her relationship to clutter

08:51 The road blocks for Social Sally

09:20 Categorizing Social Sally’s clutter into friendships

10:17 A good first project for Social Sally

13:20 “Visual Vivian” and her relationship to clutter

13:42 Characteristics of Visual Vivian

14:08 Road blocks for Visual Vivian

14:40 What motivates a Visual Vivian

15:30 Great products for Visual Vivian and a good first project

16:48 “Multi-tasking Millie” and her relationship to clutter

17:30 Personality traits of Multi-tasking Millie

18:31 One of the road blocks of Multi-tasking Millie

19:05 A great fist project for Multi-tasking Millie

19:31 A good organizing tool for Multi-tasking Millie

19:58 How to keep Multi-tasking Millie motivated and accounted for

Deb's more than 20 years of corporate training and efficiency experience, combined with her natural fervor for organization and time management, equip her with a keen sense for helping people change their lives for the better! She works with individuals, families and companies to enable them to get motivated, break the cycle of disorganization, change bad habits, and regain control for increased productivity and decreased stress. Learn more about Deb at www.DeclutterCoachDeb.com.