[PODCAST] 53: Delayed Decision Disorder

Professional Organizer Andrea Brundage discusses Delayed Decision Disorder

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01:23 What DDD stands for

01:45 How do you know if someone has DDD?

02:25 Does everyone with clutter have DDD?

03:40 The first thing Andrea does with a client

04:20 How to overcome DDD

04:47 Andrea helps a client managing three businesses

05:58 How Andrea recommends setting up a filing system

08:10 How to handle the “to file” and the “to read” files

11:06 Tackling the calendar and adding to-do’s

13:05 Tricks to get people to gain control of their stuff and their tasks

14:15 What is the right time management system to use?

16:05 Reviewing tomorrow’s appointments tonight

17:00 The calendar vs. the “to file” file

17:17 What Andrea recommends putting on the calendar

18:19 Keeping clients on track

Read Andrea's article on Delayed Decision Disorder and the Cost of Clutter.

Andrea Brundage is a professional organizer/productivity consultant and founder of Simple Organized Solutions (SOS). Providing expertise so that people can live in a more peaceful and functional environment is her forté and passion. Andrea work with overwhelmed and even distressed individuals and business professionals who find themselves spread too thin or otherwise unable to focus on their priorities and therefore, unable achieve their goals. Clients often say they feel calmer just being around Andrea, which is truly her highest compliment. Learn more about Andrea and SOS Organizing at www.ProfessionalOrganizerAZ.com.