[PODCAST] 51: How To Organize A Healthy Kitchen

Professional Organizer Debbie Lillard discusses how to organize a healthy kitchen.

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01:15 What is the goal of the kitchen?

02:15 Biggest areas of disorganization in a kitchen?

02:50 Encouraging paperwork out of the kitchen

03:55 A system for processing mail

05:00 Dealing with the junk drawer

06:20 The theory for getting a kitchen healthy

06:43 The “CPR” strategy

07:35 What to keep out, what to keep hidden

08:38 Using the under-the-sink space

09:00 A rule of thumb for space and what to do with limited cupboard space

10:17 Other logical tips for organizing a kitchen

12:35 A client story dealing with space challenges

14:47 Debbie’s philosophy on labeling

15:45 Getting kids and family to understand the kitchen organizing system

18:57 The Perpetual Food List

19:50 Dealing with food and what storage works best

20:36 Putting like items together

Read Debbie's article on the 5 Steps to an Organized Kitchen.

Space to Spare is a Professional Organizing service in the Philadelphia area started in 2003 by Debbie Lillard. Debbie finds that most clients think they need more space but once they work through her signature CPR process (Categorize, Purge & Re-Arrange) they find they have space to spare!