[PODCAST] 48: How to Choose a Professional Organizer - Part 1

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, a panel of NAPO organizing experts tell you how to choose the right professional organizer.

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01:19 Introduction of the organizer panel

03:32 What is NAPO?

05:15 The different types of organizers

07:10 How NAPO plays a role in a Professional Organizer’s career 

08:00 The different chapters and education of NAPO members

10:05 The ethics course and how it helps organizers in their practice

15:00 The first questions a client asks an organizer

16:10 How organizers collaborate to benefit each other’s businesses

18:06 How many organizers should you look at before deciding on one?

19:25 The psychology and counseling organizers deal with

20:35 The four key areas when beginning organizing

23:10 About the organizers businesses and their contact information

Part 2 of this episode will be released on September 10, 2014

Resources mentioned in this episode:

National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO): NAPO.net

Minnesota Chapter of NAPO: NapoMinnesota.com

Mary Dykstra Novess is a Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Within Reach Organizing Services. Mary has been helping corporate, residential and entrepreneurial clients get organized since 1984. Mary's Website: WithinReach.biz

Tammy is a Professional Organizer located in Bemidji, Minnesota. Tammy operates with a “less is more” theory, focusing on keeping the things you truly have time for and love, while letting go of those that are weighing you down. Tammy's Website: WeLoveMesses.com

Louise Kurzeka is a Professional Organizer and owner of Everything's Together a professional organizing company located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Louise's website: EverythingsTogether.com