[PODCAST] 47: Organizing Tips: Highlights from Season One

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, we highlight some of the best organizing tips from season one.

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00:33 Teaching teens time management skills Leslie Josel

01:48 The ‘mental blocks’ of staying organized Debbie Rosemont

02:25 A treasure found in organizing a pile Ramona Creel

03:02 Setting up zones in your home Amy Tokos

04:16 The clutter catching ‘step basket’ Debbie Lillard

05:15 Shaping and molding people to delegate tasks to Helene Segura

6:00 The stress of holiday organizing Geralin Thomas

07:50 One golden rule for closet hangers and clothes Lorie Marrero

08:30 Finding ways to lessen the information coming in Lori Krolik

08:56 The psychological factor behind our stuff Hazel Thronton

09:34 Approaching a client with A.D.D. Ellen Delap

10:10 Three hallmarks to disorganization Linda Samuels

12:30 How do we get all this clutter? Jennifer Ford Berry

13:23 The basics for tax organizing Missy Gerber

14:35 The steps to organizing an estate sale Amanda Kuzak

16:36 The challenges with entrepreneurs not having skills to run a business Lisa Montanaro

18:30 How do we declutter? Donna Smallin Kuper

20:21 Step one of the four-step P.L.A.N. to get organized Clare Kumar

21:13 What is the space that makes you most crazy? Seana Turner

22:56 The vacation must-haves when traveling by car Louise Kurzeka

24:10 The one app we shouldn’t live without Deb Lee