[PODCAST] 46: Organizing And Running A Successful Home-Based Business

Certified Professional Organizer Mary Dykstra Novess discusses organizing and running a successful home-based business.

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01:45 How small businesses have changed in the new economy

03:00 How one with no business background starts a business

04:00 Key questions you need to ask yourself

05:50 Basic organizing systems for time management

07:05 How you block time and what does that mean?

08:20 Handling phone and email interruptions

09:38 Adding administrative work into your daily tasks

10:54 How the mental game plays into owning a home-based business

14:38 When is the right time to expand or add to your business?

15:43 Where to find the right people for your business

16:56 How technology is helping the home-based business

20:40 The main challenge small businesses face

20:50 How to organize the ‘follow up’

22:16 How to get a hold of Mary

Mary Dykstra Novess is a Certified Professional Organizer and owner of Within Reach Organizing Services. Mary has been helping corporate, residential and entrepreneurial clients get organized since 1984.

Connect with Mary at: WithinReach.biz