[PODCAST] 44: School Tips for First-Time Students and Parents

Certified Professional Organizer Tammy Schotzko discusses school tips for first-time students and parents.

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00:50 What Tammy tells to first time parents sending kids to school

01:20 Don’t transfer anxiety to the kids

01:40 Challenges new students face

02:00 A place for everything and everything in its place

03:20 Backpack essentials

03:50 A clean backpack once a week

04:05 “Do the A.S.K”

04:38 A: Avoid the mornings

04:50 S: Stay engaged

05:20 K: Keeping track

06:00 How to help a first time school student stay organized

07:10 How are schools communicating with parents

08:17 Basics supplies and how not to overwhelm students

10:44 The greatest tip Tammy gives first time parents

12:30 Tammy’s organizing backstory

14:13 Tammy’s rural life and her business

14:45 Rural vs. City organizing

15:20 Tammy shares a client story

16:40 How to deal with school papers at home

17:52 Tammy’s business and how to get a hold of her

Read Tammy's article on preparing first-time students and parents for school.

Tammy is a Professional Organizer located in Bemidji, Minnesota. Tammy operates with a “less is more” theory, focusing on keeping the things you truly have time for and love, while letting go of those that are weighing you down.

Tammy's Website: WeLoveMesses.com