[PODCAST] 043: Simplify Your Life

Certifited Professional Organizer Miriam Ortiz Y Pino discusses ways to simplify your life

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01:08 Miriam deconstructs a clients need to simplify their life

01:45 The ‘reverse engineering’ approach

02:30 Focusing on 3 to 4 areas of life simplification

03:15 Taking the big picture and breaking it down into steps 

04:00 The three big overwhelming issues people have

04:45 Why is there so much paper and how do we deal with it

06:30 The fear of losing things and having backups

07:30 Tactical systems for controlling the paper

08:25 Miriam’s system for dealing with mail

11:20 Tips for dealing with other paper

13:00 How Miriam coaches people to manage their time

14:10 How Miriam helped simplify a client’s life

15:03 The follow up of not falling back into old habits

15:50 Principals of a calendar and structuring it

17:00 Should you schedule your free time?

17:45 How to simplify your life by getting rid of stuff

18:55 Maintenance decluttering – is it possible?

Miriam is a Certified Professional Organizer located in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Miriam's website: MoreThanOrganized.net