[PODCAST] 041: Secrets to Organizing a Small Business

Professional Organizer Julie Bestry gives tips on organizing a small business

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Show Notes – Julie Bestry

01:30 Top problems found when starting a new business

02:55 How Julie assesses her clients

04:45 Time management and digging into the piles

06:45 There’s no “one size fits all” formula 

07:36 Fitting a system to how the individual lives/works

08:15 Are we going paperless?

12:45 Dealing with inbox overload and keeping up with email

14:10 Action proceeds motivation

15:25 Delegation is key

17:12 Breaking tasks into increments

17:55 The R.A.F.T. system

19:37 The essential filing parts for a small business

23:03 The default way to label

Julie Bestry is a Professional Organizer located in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area.

Julie's website: www.JulieBestry.com

Julie's blog: www.JulieBestry.com/blog