Tips for Travel

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, Professional Organizer Louise Kurzeka discusses tips for travel.

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00:54 The first step to getting organized for travel

02:00 First thing to do when traveling by car

02:45 Keep maps, etc. in one place

04:15 Keep the kids in mind

04:50 What to pack in the kids kit

05:30 What to keep in a car kit

06:40 How to stay comfortable in the car

08:15 How to encourage good behavior in the car

10:36 Traveling on an airplane

11:15 Keep all documents together

12:00 Create a kit around your chargers

13:23 Look to minimize the items your bring on the plane

14:22 How to be comfortable on the plane

16:10 A collapsible cooler and a poncho – serve double duty

18:25 An “in case of” kit and what it entails

Checklist mentioned in the podcast:

Travel Packing Checklist

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Louise Kurzeka is a Professional Organizer, Owner of Everything's Together