[PODCAST] 039: Overcoming Overwhelm with an Organizer Coach

Certified Professional Organizer Andrea Sharb discusses overcoming overwhelm with an Organizer Coach model.

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00:56 Part organizer, part coach – Andrea explains

01:57 Andrea’s relationship with her clients

03:15 The personality vs. the mess

04:15 The story behind one of Andrea’s clients and their transformation

06:30 When to move to tactical organizing

07:30 Coaching and what it entails

08:12 How Andrea got into coaching

11:35 Defining ‘overwhelm’

14:15 How to address a lot of “number one” priorities

16:05 Working vision statements into the mix

17:10 Andrea shares a client success story

Andrea Sharb is a Certified Professional Organizer. It is her goal to empower you to make the changes that will lead to a simpler and more organized lifestyle.

Andrea's website: www.SOSSharbOrganizingSolutionsLLC.com