[PODCAST 038]: Organizing and Planning Your Space

Professional Organizer Seana Turner discusses organizing and planning the space in your home.

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00:45 What space planning is and the questions people ask

01:35 The first thing Seana looks at when meeting with a client

02:20 The biggest mismatch between stuff and space

03:45 One rule of thumb for your space

04:30 Adjusting what you own to the space you actually have

05:02 Secrets for working in a small area

06:10 Look up!

06:55 Be creative

08:00 Garage organizing solutions

12:05 Space planning tips for the kitchen

13:55 Dealing with the junk drawer

15:40 Training the family members in the new system

17:12 Criteria for self-storage units and what it costs to store things

20:20 Common space planning mistakes and what people should avoid

Seana Turner is a Professional Organizer and creator of The Seana Method - a structured approach to organizing the three aspects of life: space, belongings and responsibilities.

Seana's website: www.TheSeanaMethod.com