[PODCAST 036]: Downsizing and Preparing For A Move

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, Professional Organizer Dina Newman discusses downsizing and preparing for a move.

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00:45 How we mentally prepare for a move

01:20 The average amount of time needed to move

02:18 The first step when preparing to move

03:45 How to help people get over their attachment to their stuff 

04:40 The most crazy thing a client could not part with

05:54 The crucial step that comes after getting rid of things

08:35 Unpacking in the new house

11:18 Dina’s background in law and how it relates to organizing

12:24 The first step Dina took when becoming an organizer

13:54 The important parts of "Move-in" day

15:45 A client horror story of moving

17:00 Moving pre-planning tips

Dina's website: www.OrganizingConceptsAndDesigns.com