[PODCAST] 035: Friends Helping Friends Get Organized

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, Professional Organizer Angela Ploetz talks about friends helping friends get and stay organized.

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Show Notes

00:45 How do “Girlfriends Get Organized”

01:27 The inspiration for friends helping friends to get organized

03:00 Angela’s involvement in NAPO (National Association Of Professional Organizers)

04:15 The first step in getting others to help you get organized

05:00 The biggest challenges most people face when getting organized

06:15 What is the critical first step in organizing

07:30 The differences in organizing challenges between men and women

08:50 How to get over the “I want to keep everything” syndrome

14:15 Angela goes behind-the-scenes with a friend she has helped

16:15 Dealing with schedule changes

18:44 Paper or digital? What does Angela use?

19:37 A success story of How Angela helped someone overcome disorganization

Angela's website: www.GirlfriendsGetOrganized.com