[PODCAST] 034: The 4-Step P.L.A.N. to Getting Organized

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, Professional Organizer Clare Kumar discusses the 4-Step P.L.A.N. to Getting Organized.

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00:50 The 4-Step P.L.A.N. to Getting Organized

01:17 Step One: Prioritize

01:33 Choosing your priorities and what works for you

02:37 How to decide what to do now vs. later

03:38 What is the tool used to work through the P.L.A.N.

04:30 How to guide someone with a lot of priorities

07:00 The “slow cooker” idea

07:35 How much time is needed to get through the P of the P.L.A.N.

08:30 Step Two: Liberate

09:30 A creative client story involving a rear view mirror

12:35 Step Three: Arrange

12:55 Making our physical spaces and our calendar spaces comfortable

13:34 Having ‘breath’ in your space

14:45 Keeping organization and function in mind when designing a space

16:05 The top thing to keep in mind when arranging furniture

16:51 Step Four: Nurturing

17:45 How Clare gets a client to stay in the P.L.A.N. system

19:33 The number of days it takes to break a habit

20:05 How Clare got into professional organizing

Clare's website: www.StreamLife.ca