[PODCAST] 033: Organizing End-of-Life Documents

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, Certified Professional Organizer Heather Ahern discusses organizing your End-of-Life documents.

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00:50 The psychology of end-of-life document planning

01:30 The ideal age to start your estate plans

02:30 Preview of Heather's NAPO conference talk

03:30 Tips to getting organized for estate planning

04:35 Is it good to bring a lawyer in when planning your will?

06:00 Heather’s planning system

07:13 Heather shares insights from a recent client project

08:50 Tips on what to keep in a safety deposit box

11:20 Heather’s role as the local NAPO Professional Development Director

12:15 Are organizers themselves organized for the future?

13:00 Heather's advanced strategies

14:45 Electronic Apps for tracking your assets

17:22 Heather’s organizing work and how it is different from others

18:05 The newest trend in organizing

18:55 Heather’s personal organizing style

19:45 The types of things you cannot digitize

20:34 Heather's final important tip

Heather's website: www.TheFunctionalHome.com