[PODCAST] 032: The Holistic Approach to Organizing

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, Professional Organizer Annie Rohrbach discusses the holistic approach to organizing.

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00:35 Clearing Mental Clutter Makes Organizing Easier

01:45 The process Annie uses to clear mental clutter

03:00 Focusing on what is working vs. what’s not working

06:12 Annie takes a client’s negative and turns it to positive 

08:40 How much of organizing is mental?

10:35 Am I a candidate for downsizing?  The questions to ask yourself.

12:45 The definition of holistic organizing

14:33 The holistic organizers group and what criteria is needed to join

16:10 Annie’s book and the class she teaches

17:19 Annie shares her favorite organizing tip  

19:00 "I am" vs. "I’m never" - a new way of thinking

20:15 How Annie personally stays organized

Resources mentioned in the podcast:

Annie's website: www.ConsciousOrder.com

Annie's Book: "Conscious Order: Clear You Mind, Leave Clutter Behind"