[PODCAST] 030: Organizing People with Special Needs

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, Professional Organizer Regina Lark discusses helping people with disabilities get organized.

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Show Notes 

00:53 Regina's role in NAPO

01:30 What the Director of Professional Development does at NAPO

02:10 Regina's session at this year's NAPO show

04:00 The first step in helping a disabled person get organized 

05:55 Recognizing what the challenges and abilities are with a client

07:55 Storage solutions for a wheelchair user

09:40 Regina's background and how she got into organizing

14:14 The Most Innovating Organizer in 2013 and how she got that title

15:14 Regina's book and how it came about

16:50 What energizes Regina the most at the NAPO show

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