[PODCAST] 027: The Five Steps to Getting Organized

In this episode of Keeping You Organized, Certified Professional Organizer Anne Blumer discusses the five steps to getting organized.

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Show Notes 

00:37 Get Organized Today – a book collaboration

01:01 "Win At Organizing" and what it means

01:40 Steps to get over the organizing hump

03:00 Celebrating wins through the organizing process

03:45 The five steps to organizing 

04:20 Strategize – what's the purpose of the room

04:53 Prioritize – what's going to stay in the room

05:28 Localize – breaking out the space

06:00 Containerize – where to keep things

06:52 Maximize – Maximize your efforts

07:30 Ann's background in organizing

09:22 Ann's involvement in NAPO  

12:22 Helping other organizers and how to "Get Rich Organizing"

13:07 Top struggles of a new organizer

16:00 Paper management struggles

16:50 The steps for paper management

18:45 Anne's favorite filing tips

20:55 What Anne uses to stay organized

Anne's Website  solutionsforyou.com