[PODCAST] 026: How To Declutter for Cash

Whether you are downsizing or just in need of clearing out clutter, author and organizer Donna Smallin Kuper will tell you how to physically and emotionally part with things and how to make money doing it.

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Show Notes 

00:45 The story of moving from a home to a RV

02:25 How Donna decided what to keep when downsizing

03:40 The challenges of RV living

05:23 Putting a decluttering experience into words

07:22 The background behind unclutter.com 

08:00 Blogging about clutter

09:05 Ways to make money right now with your clutter

12:20 The steps to decluttering  

14:15 What you must uncover first when decluttering

18:20 What to do if you can't make money  

19:30 The hardest thing Donna had to give up

20:30 Confessions of a nomadic lifestyle

23:10 What to do with the rest of your clutter

Donna's Website:  unclutter.com