[PODCAST] 025: Three Approaches To Productivity

Do you organize by sight, sound or touch? Whatever it is, Professional Organizer Michelle Santaferraro discusses these methods and what tools will help you succeed in getting and staying organized.

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Show Notes 

00:42 Organizing the chaos and how people learn differently

01:42 The three different productivity styles

02:27 The "touchy-feely" organizer and the tools they use

03:30 "Tracking" a client story

05:42 Tools the physical organizers are using 

08:15 The most common type of organizer and their characteristics

10:00 How a visual person organizes

12:52 Michelle's organizing approach

13:30 The challenges of the small home office worker

15:20 The audio organizer and their traits  

17:17 Michelle shares the story of an auditory organizer

19:10 Trends in organizing as technology changes

21:00 The secret to how Michelle stays organized

Michelle's Website:  organomics.com