[PODCAST] 023: How To Organize An Estate Sale

Preparing for an estate sale can be physically, emotionally and logistically overwhelming. Being well-organized can help make the process easier all the way around. Professional Organizer Amanda Kuzak shares her top tips for holding a successful estate sale.

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Professional Organizer Amanda Kuzak shares her top tips about organizing an estate sale.

Show Notes

00:40 A blog becomes a business

01:20 The relationship between organizing and estate sales

02:10 A unique treasure uncovered at an estate sale

03:30 Steps to organizing an estate sale

06:25 You won't believe how much this item sold for

07:15 The best deal ever

12:00 How Amanda helps her estate sale clients get organized

13:10 The time between selling a house and holding an estate sale

13:33 The Spirit of Silicon Valley

16:10 The three main tips for organizing your closet

18:00 The unique people of Silicon Valley and how they organize

19:40 How to help people to get rid of things

20:25 The "Cheap Chicas Guide to Style"

Amanda's Website:  Kuzakscloset.com