[PODCAST] 022: Tax Time Organizing Tips

Professional Organizer Missy Gerber talks about how to get organized for tax time.

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Tax time organizing tips from Professional Organizer Missy Gerber.

Show Notes

01:45 The basics when preparing for tax season 

03:30 The first thing to do when your tax documents are prepared

04:40 A colorful labeling and organizing tip

06:40 Overcoming a tax time struggle 

08:00 Common mistakes when organizing for tax time

09:15 Vital documents that commonly get misplaced 

12:00 How Missy's background prepared her for organizing

14:14 Paper or electronic organizing - which is best?

15:05 The 5-S plan and what it can do for you

16:30 How Missy and her crew organize their day

18:10 Fame on The Learning Channel


Missy's Website:  OrganizersNorthwest.com