[PODCAST] 019: Tips For Organizing Your Office

Roz Howland shares tips on organizing your office.

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Certified Productive Environmental Specialist Roz Howland from Australia talks about how to organize your office.

Show Notes

01:27 Getting rid of clutter in the office 

02:09 How Roz got involved in Professional Organizing

03:59 The first steps to organize an office

05:15 Is it realistic for a company to go 100% paperless? 

05:55 What steps companies can take to become paperless

07:00 The motivation to go paperless 

09:20 Certified Productive Environmental Specialist Certification: What it means

12:00 The differences between organizing in America and Australia

13:00 Top disorganization challenges of a small to medium business

14:10 Roz explains how she organizes her day 

15:30 Weekly or day-by-day organization—Roz tells us what she does

16:30 Roz tells an organizing story that involves a snake!

Certified Productive Environmental Specialist Roz Howland is based in Brisbane, Australia. As a training professional and someone who knows the immense value of being well organised, she has combined her top two skills sets - training and being organised - to assist people to move forward in their lives since 2006.

Resources Mentioned In The Show:

Roz's Website:  www.productivityprofessional.com.au/