[PODCAST] 018: How To Deal With Chronic Disorganization

CPO-CD Linda Samuels discusses how to help someone deal with chronic disorganization.

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CPO-CD Linda Samuels discusses how to help someone who is chronically disorganized.

Show Notes

01:01 How to define Chronic Disorganization 

02:18 The approach Linda takes with first time clients

03:10 Linda paints a picture of a person who is chronically disorganized

05:00 The difference between hoarding and clutter 

06:30 The first step to help someone who is chronically disorganized

08:36 How long does it take someone to get organized? 

12:10 Linda discusses her book, The Other Side of Organized, and the hope and change that comes with organizing

13:50 Are you really ready to get organized?

15:15 How Linda got involved in organizing

18:15 A flashback to Linda’s first client, over 20 years ago! 

19:20 Linda’s latest organizing tip and what you should be doing

19:44 The organizing style of Linda Samuels

Linda Samuels, CPO-CD® is a compassionate, enthusiastic Professional Organizer and Coach who is well known for guiding her clients in a supportive, patient and nonjudgmental way. She is the owner of Oh So Organized based in New York.

Resources Mentioned In The Show:

Linda's Website:  OhSoOrganized.com

Linda's Blog: The Other Side Of Organized

Linda's Book "The Other Side Of Organized"