[PODCAST] 016: How To Get Organized For A Move

Certified Professional Organizer Bonnie Joy Dewkett talks about how to get ready for a move.

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Certified Professional Organizer Bonnie Joy Dewkett, "The Joyful Organizer," discusses getting organized and ready for a move.

Show Notes

00:53 What to do to get ready for a move

01:58 The first thing to do when moving - and where to start

02:50 Ideas to help you relax before the move

03:33 How far in advance to call an organizer before you move

04:30 The key steps in moving

06:45 What items are worth moving?

07:00 Important questions to ask your movers

07:51 Keeping organized on your first day in your new home

09:00 Top organizational supplies needed for a new home

11:45 A guide to a "joyful" move

13:20 How teaching plays into Bonnie's background

15:19 The story of the kid's toys

18:15 Paper or Ditgital?  How Bonnie organizes herself.

19:25 How 5 or 10 minutes can change your day tomorrow

Bonnie Joy Dewkett is Certified Professional Organizer, a nationally recognized organizing expert, author, motivational speaker, and internet radio personality.  She runs "The Joyful Organizer" which creates and implements organizational systems for the home and office. 

Resources Mentioned In The Show:

Bonnie's Website: TheJoyfulOrganizer.com

Bonnie's Book "The Joyful Organizer's Guide to a More Joyful Move"