[PODCAST] 013: Office Productivity Tips

Want to be more effective and productive at the office? Professional Organizer Lori Krolik shares some of her best office productivity tips.

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This episode features Professional Organizer Lori Krolik from More Time For You who give tips on productivity at the office.

Show Notes

00:48 The organization of engineers in Silicon Valley

01:24 How to handle information overload

02:05 The change from paper to electronic organizing

03:43 How communication has changed over time

04:01 The device Lori uses to organize her daily schedule

05:00 The principals for using and organizing a calendar

05:54 Pairing a to-do list with a calendar

07:00 Weekly and daily planning

08:00 Lori shares a client organization story

10:51 What to expect when visiting Lori's website

13:14 Keeping work from home separate

14:12 Managing work from home when kids are around

15:25 Dealing with email and electronic interruptions

16:40 Lori's Productive Environmental Specialist certification

17:38 Commonalities in disorganization and what tools to implement

19:00 Systems to handle large amounts of business cards

20:14 Lori's favorite app

21:00 What technical trends will affect people in their businesses

Lori Krolik is the founder of More Time For You, a professional organizing and productivity company based in California. She has been a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers for over 10 years and in 2010 Lori became a Certified Productive Environment Specialist (CPES).