[PODCAST] 008: Home Organization With Debbie Lillard

Professional Organizer Debbie Lillard talks about home organization

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This episode features  Professional Organizer Debbie Lillard from Space to Spare who discusses home organization.

Show Notes

01:59 Debbie's background in professional organizing

03:16 How Debbie got her first clients

05:40 Assessment: Who, What,  When, Where, & Why

06:30 Involvement in the Hoarders program 

07:05 Decluttering a consignment shop

09:01 Why it is psychological difficult for hoarders

08:34 Dealing with unrealistic expectations

10:02 Helping a blind couple get organized

14:20 A Mom's guide to home organization

13:20 Tips on family management

15:57 Keeping teens organized

17:55 Debbie's top organizing tips

19:15 The "Step Basket"

20:20 Trends in Organizing

21:30 Paper organizing for professional women

Space to Spare is a Professional Organizing service in the Philadelphia area started in 2003 by Debbie Lillard. Debbie finds that most clients think they need more space but once they work through her signature CPR process (Categorize, Purge & Re-Arrange) they find they have space to spare!

Resources Mentioned In This Show:

A Mom's Guide To Home Organization

Absolutely Organize Your Family