[PODCAST] 006: The Mental Block Towards Organizing

What is more important - the organizing tool or the mental mindset? On this episode Janine Sarna-Jones talks about the mental block towards organizing.

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This episode features Certified Professional Organizer Janine Sarna-Jones from OrganizeMe.info who discusses how to get over the mental block towards organizing

Show Notes

00:55 Photography and The Smithsonian Institute

01:51 The struggle with perfectionism

02:49 The leap to professional organizing

04:50 Intuitive organizing and coaching 

06:22 Can anyone get organized?

07:50 How to assess where to start when getting organized

09:45 Revisiting your "Why" and motivating factors

14:15 The challenges of the chronically disorganized

17:10 How to set up a file system

19:07 NAPO New York

21:18 Janine's organizing style

Janine Sarna-Jones is owner of Organize Me Inc., a productivity and organizing consulting company founded in 200. Janine is a Certified Professional Organizer® and works with individuals who want to be more productive on a daily basis in their home office or at work as well as individuals and families who are moving from one home to another.